Specialize in Land Contracts

We are committed to helping our customers manage their property, offering them our full expertise, experience, and knowledge.Owner financing, seller financing, or contracting for deed, is what is known as a land contract in Michigan. At Infinity Properties Group, we specialize in land contracts, and are committed to giving our customers quality homes based on land contracts, with an initial down payment and easy installments. Not everyone can afford a home and sometimes, banks won’t give you a loan so that you may achieve your dream of becoming a homeowner.

At Infinity Properties Group, we can help you own your own home even if the banks won’t

We can help you own your home, and feel it is our duty to help those who are powerless at the hands of big banks who deny them the loan they require to buy a home. With a land contract, we provide the financing you require to own a home, and after an initial down payment, you pay us back in installments. Until you complete the installments, our company holds the legal title for your property. When you have paid the entire amount back to us, according to the terms that have been set in the contract, we will covey the legal title of the property to you.

For easy installments and your own home, consider a land contract with us.

We operate with integrity and loyalty, and believe in providing correct information in an open and honest manner, so that you, the client, know exactly what is going on at all times. Enlist our help in getting you a home, and we can promise to save you from others who would like to prey upon your inexperience. Our entire company is built on the foundation of helping new buyers break into the world of real estate armed with the right tools and knowledge. Come to us, and we can help you find your dream home in Michigan.