Apply for Unit

Welcome to our Tenant Resources Page! Here you can apply for a rental unit of your choice.
At Infinity Properties Group, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality rental opportunities. We take great pride in the rental properties that we manage and we strive to maintain their quality over time. We schedule routine maintenance and keep each unit in tip-top shape. We also strive to maintain a good relationship with tenants by addressing any issues in a prompt manner.
For your convenience, we have designed a system through which you can apply to rent one of our units without having to attend any long-drawn-out meetings, or drive across town to obtain an application. All you need to do is download the application forms below by clicking the download button and you will have exactly what you need to apply for one of our units. Once you have completed the rental application forms, please send any and all paperwork to infinitypropertiesgroup@gmail.com or you can fax to: ATTN Rental Unit Department at (248)-856-0629. We look forward to renting one of our units to you and we will review your application and get back with you within 72 hours from the date you applied for one of our units.